Pepi - Perhaps The Best Friend I Ever Had


This was the cat my family had the privilege to be owned by from ~August 1981 until the day she quietly passed away, 26th August 1996. Pepi was found by my mother, curled up in her favourite spot in the back garden of where my parents then lived.

The night before she passed away, she came into my room, pounced up on my lap and cuddled for a while. I hugged her close, not knowing it would be the last time, then let her hop off onto my bed (I was spodding, of course). I was going through a bad time then, my wife having left me that July 12th, and Pepi helped me through the pain those last few weeks she was with us. *sniff*

May she rest in peace, and have many interesting spiders, mice and assorted other "things that move interestingly" to chase.

Pepi being wary of my new 'click action' car Pepi just done exploring the pile of wrapping paper from Xmas, um, 83? Pepi watching TV Pepi all comfy in one of my mother's plants Pepi being distracted by my mum so I could get a _good_ piccy